The Truth About my Son

Mark Rober

Mark Rober

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    Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
    Livestream link (April 30th- MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)-
    Learn more about the charity NEXT for Autism here-
    Join us in the live stream with a few folks you mighta heard of such as:
    Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler, Casey Neistat, Chris Rock, Conan o'brien, Miranda Sings, iJustine, Jack Black, Jacksepticeye, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Karl Jacobs, Marques Brownlee, Maya Rudolph, Mark Hamill, Merrell Twins, MrBeast, Paul Rudd, Rhett & Link, Sarah Silverman, Stephen Colbert, Terry Crews, Vsauce, Zach Galifianakis, Zach King plus a few more surprises!

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    1. Mark Rober

      If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

      1. LyidSpino

        Have a wonderful day!

      2. Gamer


      3. Gen. Snoball

        That smile! Its so genuine and big! Also that laugh! Its infectious! That is definitely his superpower! Thank you for putting this out there. I'm a father of an autistic little boy and this could not have been easy to do. All you want to do is protect them. Hard to do on the internet. Very Brave and commendable! Thank you Mark

      4. Hamish Osborne


      5. Chrisoakwoods

        Your can be so proud of yourselves for this

    2. Itsyeboipiklerick 26

      He’s autistic, guarantee you he is smarter than 75% of the people on the internet And that’s a fact, hope your doin well man

    3. Shattered

      What sick being disliked this video

    4. Regina Elon Chua

      Thank you for sharing! I work with children on the spectrum and am always amazed by them! May he continue to keep smiling and make others smiling! 💕💕

    5. Bernice Anders

      Well sia be there?

    6. Franz Kirkham

      My twin brother is autistic and i can sometimes see the effect being autistic has on him as he thinks autism is a curse when its more like a blessing and he doesn’t realise how special and amazing he is an i hope after me showing this video he see how amazing and special he is.

    7. PyroFizz



      7:40 UFFF. thats litrly deeper than u can think and it litrly made me rol down a tear.

    9. Deejay Cross

      I really wanted to know more about autism and I knew none of the explanation I had so far satisfied me. But when Mark Rober explains... Pedagogy takes notes ! Thanks you VERY MUCH

    10. Joe Pron

      this is great my cousin has autism its not severe but it is emotionally and he got to find a job where he works with other autistic people i love what you are doing Thank You

    11. Blob Gaming and SSS official

      Nearly $600k dollars raised in less than 1 day... * smiles and exhales calmly *

    12. Cackly

      L creation

    13. Daryl Dixon

      I'm extremely surprised to see such a positive response from the internet! Great job everyone, pat on the back!

    14. K7NG

      7:47 you could hear him getting emotional at the end and honestly i would too and i should know

    15. gleeful zoe

      At 2:06 when he says " his parents and teachers" 👀👀👀

    16. Dávid Lamhauge Debess

      Fok man no I’m crying

    17. Im Cole

      U generated the exact day before I was born 5/27/2006

    18. CosmicGames

      In the UK the live stream is at midnight

    19. Owen Campbell

      "I think we can all agree that a successful life, is one where you leave the world better than you found it" -Mark Rober 2021

    20. Local someone

      My younger brother has autism and is judged so muchbecause he makes weird sounds. You explained autism so well. Thank you.

    21. Isparkle Chillidogs

      give matpat and mark rober the job of doing a fundraiser and you got yourself a lot of money.

    22. Why_Juleswhy

      My background is a picture of your son and it keeps on reminding me how special everything and everyone is including my favourite person in the whole wide world,your son. Thanks for reading if you did love you and your family.❤️ Age 11

    23. The ToxicLibtard

      This video is cute

    24. imapatato alazyone

      Don't worry soon ima have a autistic step cousin so I know how how it is. ❤

    25. Hunter Haynesss

      These comments pass the vibe check 👍

    26. Connor O'Keeffe

      Says he's selfishly raising money for charity because his son is approaching that milestone... Dude you set some sky high standards

    27. Clement boily

      People who disliked the vid ->🤡

    28. Bart Heird

      NOTHING but love for you guys, Mark. I adore how your son is changing the people he meets with pure joy. I'd also really cherish one of those letters! (But I bet everyone watching would as well). The world needs the Rober family!

    29. Brendon’s Life!

      awww he is so cute!

    30. FearDaunicorn Peacock

      Who disliked this video? I just wanna talk

    31. Filip Spanakov

      tam 6 miunuts in and this allready hart warmingi love ur kid man he looks like the best kid he has autotisim and looks like a normal kid

    32. Ashleen Polanco

      This is amazing

    33. Rennie

      ʷʰᵒ ᶜᵃⁿ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ

    34. AryanPeram

      I have a schoolmate that is autistic

    35. Leo Etgen

      I’m austictic

    36. Sheldon Cooper SDG

      Anyone get chills when that kid was sinking them 3s.

    37. Cole Eppard

      That's during the NFL draft so I won't be there.

    38. Amy Gray

      +999 Respect

    39. Amara Jackson

      one day after this video went out and the bar is already more that halfway full. holy cow.

    40. xy_

      this made me cry

    41. Fam 3AT

      As an autistic person, I cannot thank you enough for helping us.

    42. LuuX

      Wholesome video mark, i completely agree with you! Some people may have succes in wealth, but aren’t successful, because they have a negative influence on things around them. Couldn’t have said it any better than you! Thanks for teaching me and others something special and new each and every video!

    43. dhyams 003

      He seems like a very bright boy. The fact that he is able to talk to and interact with people more than most is truly amazing

    44. Demonetize Bot

      How does this have any dislikes?!?

    45. Zachary Webb

      My sister has moderate autism and it can be hard to deal with but she cares about her family so much its okay. I'll be watching the live stream

    46. Hayden Miller

      How does someone dislike this video 😖

    47. Nethrex

      Please find a way that Europeans can partake in the fund raising and helping too! Would love to help out a little.

    48. Maciek Ch.

      very inspiring video and congratulations on #1 trending.

    49. Confused .Chicken

      Its phenomenal that in under a day they've raised over half a million dollars

    50. Ismail Osman

      Imagine disliking 😔😣

    51. Xanthe van der Gulik

      This video was really special to me. So so brave to share this video💜 my family members are on the spectrum, and this was just a very sweet and special video. Thank you so very much for sharing this.

    52. Andrew

      😭😭😭 so beautiful!

    53. Kollector

      I have autism adhd torrents and odd this was interesting to watch

    54. Elias Pellikka

      I have asperger which is kinda same

    55. Daniel Hancox

      Thank you for sharing. I admire you so much for keeping this personal for so long and finally sharing. Your son really makes the world a better place.

    56. Amy Kemp-Jones

      Yes a positive video about autism

    57. VxiFrost

      In less than one day, the donation goal is more than half way until the goal of one million!

    58. BroccoRBLX

      number one on trending congrats my man

    59. Kenneth Sierra

      hey Mark your son is amazing and by just watching this video just seeing the amazing story you had to share made my day so much better

    60. Alexander Babich

      Not used to Mark River making me cry...

    61. Santi Ugalde

      im autistic but thank Goodness that i don't have that much autism

    62. MBPRO


    63. Help With Autism

      I think it's clear enough to see that I already sponsored you.

    64. Whoosh Whoosh

      I have some form of fear of some autistic people since some were abused when they were little and can get extremely violent so I’m glad that he’s treated normally and I’m glad that he’s doing well. Idk why I’m saying this

      1. Whoosh Whoosh

        Giving some context there was an autistic in my high school and he always made sexual advantages on me and got into fights

    65. toadwithahat

      You and your son and awesome Mark. This video is awesome, and I'm positive everybody really appreciates you.

    66. Christoph Deerberg


    67. Landon Sloan

      This made me emotional! Thank you for shining a spotlight on this...

    68. Adrian Vallejo

      Who's cutting onions

    69. erika d.

      Your family is beautiful :)

    70. maang

      What a great guy

    71. Swarada Inamdar

      We all fell in love with your inventions, and I assure you now we all fell in love with your son

    72. Mariam Siddiqui

      Congrats on #1 on trending!

    73. Dalton Smith

      Whoever makes fun of his son is actually rude and needs to leave this app. Mark keep grinding

    74. Patrick Arminio


    75. griffin99

      he looks exactly like his mom lol

    76. Daniel Mullan

      I’m autistic as well so I understand

    77. Capricious

      Amazing ❤❤❤

    78. SDpancake44


    79. Bhavish Jagtap

      Mark Rober is the biggest and the best influencer on NLname

    80. Carlo loke lim

      i'm more worried about mark's care for his nieces and nephews

    81. thomas the train

      We love you

    82. Ranga Boi

      You have a son

    83. Henry Hecox

      I'm not crying it's allergy season

    84. Skying Gamer

      Mark we will never hate you your family or anyone related to you you guys are so kind

    85. Shweta Bhai

      Whoever disliked is mean

    86. Daniel Mullan

      I’m autistic as well so I understand

    87. Erkay Hassan

      Beautiful video mate.

    88. gamer pro Jesse

      I’m actually autistic. And 12

    89. Elias Schwartz

      Thank you for sharing!

    90. HalfHeartArmy Vlog and Gaming

      Omg I literally love his smile!

    91. Reborn momma 129

      Casually crying at 10am

    92. Marvin Ramos

      thank you... respect and love... salute.

    93. Tony DLC

      Great videoooooooo

    94. Matt Carey

      It’s 1 in the morning in Australia and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a month

    95. xtreme

      we dont even scratch human brain capabilities

    96. Robin

      This actually made me cry, my sister in also on the spectrum so this hit hard

    97. Legendary Like Bot

      you should see me when I'm laughing, I look like I'm getting suffocated, lol

    98. TheNordicMage

      While I cannot afford to donate currently, I'm am glad that you have chosen to share this with the world.

    99. Xyber Go4t

      People have raised i think over half a million$ in less than a day. This is what people need to care about. If people could respect one another fairly just like this every day it will have a great impact of love in the world

    100. Natania Stuart

      Mark, I'm so happy for you and your family to take this terrifying leap. It surely isn't easy to allow the world into your private lives, but it certainly will help a lot of people who struggle with their own differences to embrace them and for people less tolerant to the unknown, hopefully bring to light that all people have different struggles and hating or trying to force change on them out of arrogance may make others close up and not accepting themselves as they are - which won't lead to personal evolution for neither of the sides. I enjoyed every last bit of your baby boy smiling and laughing - His blissful energy is contagious. Much love for all of you and your loved ones ❤